Smart fridge

One of the key moments of the successful store business is the trouble-free running of refrigeration equipment as well as the continuous compliance of the equipment operation modes with the declared technical characteristics.The Smart Fridge system allows to monitor equipment operation parameters and provide remote control. System is developed with IoT and multi tenancy principles that allow convenient monitoring and control of the fridges for every division of the company



Business challenge

We had to create the solution that enables real-time remote access to the operating parameters of the equipment management system, i.e. the ability to see the status of all of their systems from anywhere in the world, including those located in different territories, to set up settings and modes safely, turn on and off equipment and to control temperature remotely.


Smart Fridge system helps to verify that everything is constantly stored at the correct temperature. This system has been designed specifically for easy using and provides managers with immediate access to real-time temperature data and audit ready reports at the click of a button, anytime or anywhere.

Smart fridge