Shelf sms

Complex distributed system for retail companies for monitoring and products merchandising in sale points. SHELF SMS empower a retailer to deliver more focused and optimized shopping experience for the in-store retail customers. IoT and multi tenancy principles that are implemented in the solution provide the significant competitive advantage for the owner.



Business challenge

We had a mission to create technology that will enable to: achieve perfect efficiency in products replenishment, efficient and transparent stock control in real-time, provide analytics sales reports and forecasts per brand/period/region/outlet/manager, minimizate human mistakes, enable the business owners to make more informed decisions, enable retailers to reward customer loyalty.


Sales analytics, making forecasts, marketing strategy corrections, building reports - all of these long-term processes now become really simple. We created smart IoT system that enables to monitor real-time situation inside shelves and backwalls right from desktop or mobile. You will be able to get the information about the sales level, out-of-stock measurement, make analytics and reports, receive alerts via email, Viber and SMS.
Shelf sms