Image reco

Image Reco is tailored, data-driven solution that uses cutting edge computer vision technology to analyze store shelves, provide actionable insights and precise data to support trade promotion and category management, boost profitability and build customer loyalty. Image recognition technology is now being embedded into field sales and retail execution applications, allowing users to scan shelves in the store and identify an array of issues such as incorrect facings, out-of-stocks, or even missing items in distribution.

Business challenge

Our mission was to create an innovative merchandising tool - image recognition technology that helps drive incremental sales and increases their productivity, improves shelf condition insights, saves up to 90% of time spend on in-house audit and decreases human resources expenses


We designed a 100% customized solution using computer vision technology for tobacco products recognition. It has 85% accuracy of recognition for decent photos, fast photo processing (2-4 seconds), ability to track 200+ SKUs. Our solution is fully integrated with SalesForce and allows to perform analysis of the bigger amount of products. Image Reco enables the owner to check the product’s on-shelf availability in real-time and significantly decrease out-of-stock situations, by controlling with the planogram compliance. The technology allows the user to quickly gather crucial information and provides a variety of alerts to quickly take corrective action.