Nfc maintenance

The software for easy keeping equipment in working order and tracking of all the maintenance work that has been. Perfect for technicians in the field and full visibility for those who need it most.

Business challenge

The aim was to find the method of communicating with the physical world that will possess attributes which every business owner demand: versatile, fast, safe, secure, simple to install, easy and transparent technology that will help to track time and costs of maintenance work.


NFC presents quicker connections, there are no typing errors, it only requires the click of a button without any additional software. Our solution tracks the time of maintenance work, provides real- time notifications and a visual breakdown of all tracked time. It helps to easily perform tasks assignment to the selected teams, has location control, calendar and to-do lists. The software provides the user with detailed reports of completed orders. The owner can monitor inventory tied to each of assets by tracking location of equipment (no problem with adding new ones). Applied to the installation of equipment, dismantling and moving equipment, repair of equipment, technical preventive maintenance of equipment, guaranteed and post-warranty service.