Self-checkout (SCO) - integrated software and hardware system that automates the process of self-payment for purchases. The SCO is a modern alternative to the traditional retail cash registers and is usually used in large grocery stores and supermarkets. Self-checkout allows the buyer to scan, weigh, package and pay independently



Business challenge

Our mission was to develop a system that will provide retailers with an effective way to improve customer service that produces fewer queues, greater privacy and control, speedier purchase process, greater capacity, and also a better use of the workforce. Self-checkout optimizes the cost and the quality of the sales process.


Our SCO has an intuitive interface making it easy for staff and shoppers to understand (it can be fully customised according to the store style and added promo videos on the screen). The system is designed with the possibility to additionally configure it with different modules such as weighs, cash recycling system, light signaller and so much more due to the client’s needs. Fast integration of customer`s loyalty systems is no longer a problem, our system performs it smoothly. Our team provided a high level of security of customer`s payment information and of protection against external attacks.