The app gives the woman the ability to monitor her health during the pregnancy, stay in touch with the doctor by entering information into it. Doctors get information on her health in real-time, making any potential issues with the pregnancy easier to recognize and treat in a timely manner. The app is so much more convenient, and it offers the same high standard of care an in-person appointment would provide.



Business challenge

The challenge was to reduce the number of in-person appointments by entering information into the app and sending it to the doctor. This not only saves a woman time spent waiting in her OB/ GYN’s office, but she also saves on gas, wear and tear on her car, and the time it takes to get to the office and back. It can help more women have healthy pregnancies without needing to see a doctor more than just a few times before birth.


We developed a solution both for pregnant patients and doctors that keeps communication more efficient. Once the pregnant woman downloads the app, she uses it to register with her doctor or clinic. With an app on a smartphone or tablet, a pregnant woman can enter important health information wherever she is before she forgets to do it. The information about analyzes that is entered by a doctor, helps to keep track of her health data during the pregnancy. It is accessible everywhere that has an internet connection. Based on the initial examination, the information the pregnant woman puts in the app the doctor gets a detailed picture of her health during the pregnancy, allowing him or her predict any risks she might be subject to during the pregnancy.