Why do you need to work with IT outsourcing companies?

Why do you need to work with IT outsourcing companies?

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Publication date: 15.06.2020

IT outsourcing companies

Outsourcing of software development has long been successful for most companies around the world. A qualified team or company can be ideal for a new start-up project or a ready to use product. Cost optimization is considered one of the main advantages of software outsourcing. Among other things, we can name the pool of experts, flexibility, time-saving, accessibility, as well as the fact that external software development management is simplified thanks to cloud technologies and project management tools.


Over the past decade, Ukraine has confidently entered the list of countries where IT outsourcing became profitable business. At the same time, our country is not unique. there are other outsourcing companies around the world. Asian countries, such as India, Indonesia, Singapore, China, and the Philippines are ranked as the world leaders on the outsourcing service providers list. The Valley itself is not just about technology companies like Facebook or Google. Outsourcing is a common practice both for developing and high income countries. Not only companies but also the government gives outsourcers a variety of tasks - for example, the well-known fact is that Dell services IT systems of tax departments in the UK.


The first reason to cooperate with outsourcing companies in Ukraine is the cost of development.

By relocating IT development to Ukraine, customers can significantly reduce costs. For example, mobile app development costs 30-60% less if you involve a company specialized in such tasks in Ukraine.


The second reason is technological expertise.

Ukrainian IT specialists have earned an excellent reputation for solving complex technological problems. By outsourcing the task, you can not only save time and money but also get highly qualified consulting support, improve the quality of non-core business processes. At the same time, the customer can focus on the main activity, which is the most profitable for him.


The third reason for working together is the corporate culture.

In Ukrainian IT companies, it is not much different from their American and European colleagues. For this reason, it's easy to cooperate with Ukrainians, despite the geographical distance. 

Among some other reasons that contribute to the fact that more and more customers from Western Europe and the USA work with Ukrainian companies are the following:


Accessible location: If necessary, customers can quickly meet with a working team to discuss any issues - Ukraine is the country that does not require Visa for US and EU citizens.


According to a report by Global Online Employment from Elance, a well-known platform for hiring freelancers, Ukrainian developers rank third in revenue worldwide.


Large choice of outsourcing companies: If you need to change the contractor for some reason,there are many outsourcing providers with development offices located in Ukraine.