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"TOKA" is a completely new product for the Ukrainian market, it is the first national network of electric stations in Ukraine. The main task for the company is to provide a convenient location of electrical charging stations. Software controls stations users, charges with grent conviniency and reliability.


About the client

Private Ukrainian company developer of electric vehicles in Ukraine

Business challange

Develop software with list of useful functions, the software becomes a personal assistant and a guide of the car owner. With its help, it searches for free stations, identifies the customer on site and charges for charging services.


The TOKA application was created for most comfortable use of the network of charging stations TOKA. The application allows you to perform many operations. The application allows you to view the locations of charging stations in the map. When all charging ports of the free icon have a blue color. When all ports of the charging station are occupied, the color of the icon changes to red.

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