In industry and in research more and more applications occur where it is necessary to inspect material quality and check characteristics of every particle inside the sample. Based on that we developed powerful 2D and 3D image processing, enhancement, and analysis software with extensive measurement and customization features in order to accelerate inspection and processing of the data.


Direct 3D
Direct 2D

Business challenge

Based on morphometry analysis implementation and different size/shape methods usage, we have prepared the unique software that allowed to increase quality of the inspection and decrease necessary time. Simplicity in usability is one of our main goals.


Our sophisticated mathematical algorithms make MIMAS an irreplaceable tool as for engineer so for scientist. Software is developed in order for particle size and shape analysis, 3D surface models generation, control of cameras, positioning systems, light, lenses.The 3D measurement functions allow the user to obtain an accurate and detailed profile of any target. Furthermore, the software allows morphometric features to be calculated of the particles/defects. Mimas has unique customer/application oriented customizations and user friendly, powerful and highly adaptive package.