Project: Signum

Data start: 24 Nov 2018

Data end: NOW

TOKA is a network of publicly available charging stations for electric vehicles. The main task for the company is to provide a convenient location of charging stations. For example, in shopping and entertainment centers, supermarket parking, shops, sports clubs, office centers and night parking.

Business challenge

The task of our team is to develop a mobile application and system that allows you to charge electric car using a mobile application.

Scope of services

Dedicated team of 3 developers



  • jQuery

  • Azure

  • Microsoft SQL server

  • Xamarin

We used integration with payment system (portmone and kaznachey) and Google Maps.


The TOKA application was created for most comfortable use of the network of charging stations TOKA. The application allows you to perform many operations. The application allows you to view the locations of charging stations in the map. When all charging ports of the free icon have a blue color. When all ports of the charging station are occupied, the color of the icon changes to red.

This can significantly reduce the time to search for a free charging station. The application can determine your location and the nearest charger stations to it. The user search allows you to find charging stations by region, city and type the port. By choosing the charging station we need, we can find out information about the location, the type of port, the tariff, and then make a route from our location to the charging station we need. A very convenient feature is to replenish the balance using the mobile application. Using the integration with payment systems, we realized the payment of the account. You can pay by choosing one of the providers: portmone or kaznachey. If the user has some problems then he can always send a message to the administrator and get an answer to his question.

Turn on/off the charging using the TOKA card or the account on the website occurs in this way: when approaching the TOKA network charging station, you need to insert the charging cable into the station connector and into the electric vehicle; to attach the TOKA’s client card to the reader’s icon and start charging from the account on the website, after which the charging process will begin; to stop the charging process, attach the TOKA’s customer card again, stop charging in your account on the website or remove the charging cable from the charging station. After stopping the voltage supply, the cable can be disconnected.

The site is made in a stylish and easy-to-perceive style. The site provides basic information about the company. The contacts section contains information about the location of headquarters and their contacts. By visiting the question / answer section, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions (What is an electric car? How to charge it? What is a home charging station? Does the temperature outside affect the battery capacity of the electric vehicle? etc.). Also on the site is a map on which all the charging stations TOKA in Ukraine are marked.