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Controlling and measurement of the production effectivity is a complex and demanding task. Monitoring is a first step in the process of continious improvement. We had to implement the subroutine of data collection from every machine and further it analysis.


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OPTIWARE is the result of the merger between API Maintenance Systems and AXXOS. We help customers streamline their production and maintain high-value capital assets such as plants, facilities and equipment.

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To create technology for day-to-day production monitoring that can help company improve continuously. It makes gathering and presenting information quick, easy and convenient.


Program lets you check critical information, such as machine availability, OEE value per machine, part or order, and the most common causes of stoppages. The system gives you a solid basis for decisions that shows in black and white what action you need to take and where. AXXOS OEE rapidly alerts you about problems, efficiently documents losses and lets you quickly analyze causes and effects. The time you save gives you more opportunities for active improvement.

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