Project: CSA

Data start: 23 Oct 2017

Data end: 21 Dec 2017



Business challenge

For utility serves to create technology for automatically system accountingcommunal services.

Scope of services

Dedicated team of 2 developers


  • Windows Forms


  • DataSet


Automatically system accounting communal services create analytical and reporting forms, give access to card index of subscribers. Shows data about devices that are registered. Uses Communal Services Accounting possible keep records of charges, accounting of payments, accounting of subsidy.

Personal account card of the subscribe contains information about subscriber, list of meter, history of charges and payments; allows you to make recalculations and print data of personal account. Information about subscriber contains personal account, firs name and surname, contact information (city, street, phone number), living space, number of residents and privileges.

Tariffs for utilities contains information about rent, drainage, water supply, removal of rubbish, heating.

Also you can look at the utility bills for a certain period: balance at the beginning of the period, accrued for the period, paid for the period, subsidy for the period, transfers made for the period, balance at the end of the period.